City Prayer

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The Sanford Regional Ministry Center recognizes there are faithful prayer groups scattered throughout our community. Whenever possible we seek to facilitate the gathering of these believers for corporate prayer around the following points:

A Move of God’s Spirit. Recognizing that only God knows what kind of transformational revival He desires to bring to each community, we pray for Him to graciously grant us a greater measure of His undeserved manifested presence in our community. We pray for a God ordained Biblical reset and alignment with His will, to transform all aspects of the community we are responsible for.

Opened Eyes. Opened eyes that clearly see the painful, yet true condition of our hearts and our city in His light, while also seeing the grace of God available to those who seek Him.

Melted Hearts. Hearts that are ruined for relying on the strength of the flesh. Heart transformation that results in us no longer depending on our natural reasoning and human efforts. Hearts that are melted into God’s heart where we deeply and genuinely love all people and races from all walks of life; truly empathizing with them in their context. Where we no longer offer yesterday’s ideas, arguments or rationalizations, but impart the very essence of God’s tangible love that never fails.

Surrendered Hearts. Hearts with a deeper recognition that the only reason we have yet to see the greater works of Jesus in our midst is primarily because we are still full of our own works. We believe for all people to surrender more of themselves, like layers of an onion, until we have nothing but open, obedient hearts.

An Increase in the Spirit of Unity among Christian Leaders. We pray for more than business as usual which produces results as usual. One of the clearest indicators we acknowledge the presence of the King is when our elders, our “leaders” throw their crowns, their “titles” at the feet of Jesus. A breaking of the mindset of only being concerned with the affairs in one’s own ministry. We believe for greater interaction between ministry leaders and the ministry houses they represent. 

An Increase in the Number of People Surrendering Their Lives to Jesus and Connecting with Area Churches. More people finding Christ and committing to churches across our community. 

An Increase in Families Being Restored and Properly Aligned. True revival and restoration taking place in each home, where fatherlessness and family dysfunction are replaced with proper relationships, order and peace.

A Decrease in Sinful Activity and Crime. Law enforcement authorities testifying that a lessening of prostitution, drugs, robbery, corruption, violence, assaults, murder etc. 

An Increase in Economic Opportunities. A true healing of the land where good jobs and training provides the poor and uneducated with an alternative to crime to support their families.

A Witness to the Nation that God Still Desires to Change and Impact Communities. By the mercies of God, we would experience a divine habitation of the Life of Jesus in such a manner as to be described and recorded as a powerful event in the City’s history.