What to Expect at Our meetings

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What to Expect at Our Leaders Luncheon[push h=”15″]


#1 – New Relationships – Meeting people you may not have had the opportunity to meet outside your “organizational outlet” so you can interact with the other Christian leaders in this vineyard. Our goal is to have authentic Christ-centered friendships that develop naturally over time. We believe this kind of “oneness”, not “sameness” is exactly what our Lord is looking for among us.

#2 – New Information – Most of us are busy and focused on our responsibilities in our own organizations or businesses, so we sometimes miss important information about what’s going on in our area. Our monthly meetings are designed to give the latest community information that enables you to go back to your sphere better informed.

#3 – New Leadership Insight – The meetings are from 11:30 to 1:00PM on the first Thursday of the month. We usually give practical leadership tips at each meeting from various sources to better equip you for your area of responsibility. We also encourage further dialogue and fellowship in the parking lot and beyond; that’s what this is all about.