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Our Values[push h=”15″]


There is an old adage, “We teach what we know, but we reproduce what we are”. Therefore we have identified the core values we want to reproduce in our team. 

  1. Christ is All – We recognize that Christ and His kingdom is above race, culture, political affiliation and denominational preferences. He is the foundation that everything is built on.
  1. Humility – We seek to maintain an environment of humility and teachableness where believers from every tribe in the Body of Christ can share the gift they have received from the King, without over reacting over our differences, because we are secure in our position sitting next to Christ in heavenly places.
  1. Forgiving – We recognize that when dealing with sinful humanity that there are often misunderstandings, insensitivities and hurt feelings. Therefore we make it our aim to always forgive any offense and encourage others to forgive as Christ has forgiven us.
  1. Serving – Our reason for existing as an organization is to serve the Body of Christ and this community with the Love of God, as the Son came not to be served but to serve.
  1. Adding Value – We seek to find creative ways to add value to every organization proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. By connecting them with spiritual, intellectual, material and financial resources.
  1. Showing Respect – We believe God is a God of boundaries. Whether it is the Lord instructing Joshua to possess a land within definitive boundaries or the Apostle Paul being careful not to speak beyond the sphere of his influence. We believe in respecting each ministry’s spiritual heritage and their denomination or ministry network affiliation. Our differences are God designed, and are not there for us to compete but are there to complete us.
  1. Yielded – We seek in all things to be yielded and sensitive to the Holy Spirit Who is our comforter and revealer of Jesus. Without Him we can do nothing.